Spider Veins Removal

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Spider veins removal beauty machine treatment in Leeds

If you're looking for spider veins removal, give the Renude Clinic in Leeds a call today. This treatment is also effective in the removal of thread veins, milia, skin tags and much more.
Prices starting from £125
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The treatment principle:

Using the patented high-frequency, virtually painless technology, able to heat coagulation the expanse hemoglobin in the capillaries, and endothelial cells in the capillaries, in the millisecond time. Thereby immediately closing the dilated blood vessels, due to the needle is only 0.01mm diameter, so the treatment of the epidermal damage is negligible. Coupled with some postoperative recovery products, once treatment can remove the expansion of the capillaries, and almost no discomfort. Very high energy density can instantly solidify almost any skin tissue, solidified tissue will fall in the 3-7 days. It can be effective in the treatment of proliferative lesions, and age spots, sunburn, etc., pigmented lesions.

We offer a great rand of treatments for you from IPL and laser tattoo removal to Cryotherapy. Give us a call to know more.


1. Spider veins removal
2. Histioid red blood
3. Linear red blood
4. Cherry shaped vascular tumor
5. Skin tag removal
6. Red veins removal
7. Vascular removal
8. Red vein removal
9. Milia removal


1. Virtually painless
2. The treatment effect is good
3. Only once a treatment, immediate effect
4. No side effects
5. Non-surgical treatment, no down-time

Questions & Answers

1. Can spider veins be removed at one time?
You can see the spider veins are removed immediately after treatment. According to the distribution area of
the spider veins, operator can appropriate repeated treatments for quick recovery.

2. After treatment, is there trauma? Will it leave a scar?
No, there is almost no trauma. The dot is thinner than human hair and it will recover in three days or so. It
won’t leave scar or even any marks after treatment.

3. How long it will be maintained after treatment? Will it recur?
After treatment, it won't recur, and there is no rebound phenomenon in the rest of life.

4. After treatment, what needs to be paid attention?
Spicy food, sea food, smoking and drinking are taboos. Washing face, taking bath and applying cosmetics
are not allowed within 3 days.
It is better to use special repairing liquid provided by the company.

5. Can any blood steaks be treated?
Yes. Spider veins, linear or silk veins, genetic and acquired redness; flat or bump cherry vascular tumors all
can be treated by this equipment. No matter how deep, the position is where and in what condition of your
red blood veins, our equipment can remove it.

6. Does it painful while treating? Will it be swollen?
You can hardly feel the pain. A slight redness will occur, but it will disappear very soon. Therefore, it won’t
have any effects on your life and work at all.

7. How long does one treatment take?
Treatment time depends on the area of red blood veins. Generally it takes 5-15 minutes.

8. What is the best season for treating?
Treatment of red blood veins has nothing to do with the seasons; you can treat at any seasons.
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To learn more about how spider veins removal, milia removal and skin tag removal, contact the Renude Clinic in Leeds today on
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