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Effective cellulite treatments

If you're looking for effective cellulite treatments using radio frequency, visit Renude Clinic in Leeds, our prices start from £45 per session. 
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How radio frequency works

Radio frequency is a non-invasive, safe means of improving your body form in most cases up to 2” in one visit, and a fuller impact with a course of 8-10 sessions Ultrasound cavitations are used for body shaping, to scale back those stubborn fatty areas that don’t appear to budge no matter diet or exercise. It’s additionally used to improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and cellulite. This technology will give instant results by heating the fatty tissues to the purpose the fat cells are wedged and changed into liquid. (Glycerol and free fatty acids) those then become possible to manipulate.
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Radio frequency benefits

  • Enhanced body tone and form
  • Blood circulation / lymph circulation
  • Connective tissue adjustment
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite
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Improving skin texture

Increase your self-confidence with a well-toned body with our treatment which is absolutely pain-free and requires no surgery. You can also contact Renude Clinic for carbon laser facial in Leeds.
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